Gun Show Regulations

  1. No person shall display or show a loaded or primed firearm or airgun. Nor shall any exhibitor, member or any other person place any charge, be it blank or ball or empty case, percussion cap, tube pill or any other device in or upon any firearm or airgun within the Show premises.
  2. No live ammunition shall be displayed which will chamber in any firearm in the same exhibit, except when it is stored in a separate case apart from the firearm.
  3. Restricted firearms on display must be in a locked display case or secured to the table by a cable or chain through the trigger guards and attached to a table leg.
  4. Non-restricted firearms shall have a cable or chain passed through the trigger guards or be rendered inoperable with a secure trigger guard lock, or a similar electronic, magnetic or mechanical locking device.
  5. All firearms sold and/or delivered to members of the public must be accompanied by a signed bill of sale. All members of the public bringing firearms to the show must have them inspected, rendered inoperable with an electrical tie wrap and have an identifying sticker affixed at the door. When exiting the building, all persons not wearing a show ribbon must show a signed bill of sale or the firearm must bear the original identifying sticker.
  6. All displays containing firearms must be supervised by a person who is in a possession of a valid Firearms Licence.
  7. No firearms are to be handled without the permission of the owner, and then only under his close supervision and pointed in a safe direction with the action open.
  8. No firearms may be delivered to any person unless they hold a valid PAL or RPAL and in the case of Restricted Firearms, the necessary ATT Permits. All sales of restricted firearms must be reported to the CFC and a TAN number obtained.
  9. No live ammunition may be sold or given to any person under 18 years of age, unless the person is in possession of a Minors License. PAL or RPAL are required for the sale of ammunition to adults.
  10. All show participants shall be responsible for and shall supervise their tables at all times and must wear an identifying show ribbon. Theft and misuse can happen. The Saskatoon Gun Club accepts no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged articles or liability for any injury or damage to any person.
  11. All exhibitors must war their Show Ribbons clearly displayed at all times during set up and during the show.
  12. As well as the above conditions, vendors must comply with all Local & Federal laws pertaining to Firearms, Ammunition, Gunpowder and required Permits, etc. Absolutely no Black Powder, Fireworks or other explosives are allowed on show premises.
  13. No liquor is to be brought onto the premises by show participants.
  14. Vendors cannot start packing up prior to 4:00PM on Sunday